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Home Upgrades That Add Value to Your Tampa Bay Home in the 2024 New Year

The New Year is filled with resolutions such as diet or exercise, but why not take a different approach in 2024, and channel that energey into home upgrades that add value to your home. In this article discover nine ideas that can enhance your comfort, safety and enjoyment and possibly increase your homes value.

The Power of Home Staging to Meet Buyers’ Heightened Expectations 

Home staging can be a powerful tool when it comes to successfully selling a home. Read this latest article to discover what the data is saying about home staging and how buyers are looking at homes that have been staged.

Do Renovations Increase Property Value?: Homeowners Prioritize Long-term Living with Recent Home Upgrades

Do renovations increase property value? In this article, we look at the current studies regarding how homeowners are approaching home renovations and briefly discuss how those may impact your homes value and tell you how you can discover what and if your renovations will bring you a higher list price.

Fast-track Your Mortgage Payoff, Lower Your Retirement Debt

As retirement looms, financial stability is also a growing concern for people and families. In this article we discuss nine consideration when considering if you should fast-track your mortgage payoff.

10 Benefits of a Comparative Market Analysis: Your Key to a Successful Home Sale in Tampa Bay

Every agent talks about a comparative market analysis, but they never really explain to you why it benefits you. Well, those days are done, because in this article we share with you 10 benefits of a comparative market analysis and look at how a trusted agent can help you use one to sell your home for the most amount of money in the shortest time possible.

Eco Friendly Homes: Climate Change Considerations Affect Buyers’ Decisions

Eco Friendly Homes are rising in popularity with today’s buyers market. Discover what features buyers are looking at in their home searches and gain insights and ideas from the data that can help your home stand out.

Aging in Place: Embracing Homeownership for the Long Haul

Many homeowners aged 45 to 76 prefer to age in place, driven by emotional attachment, investments in their homes, and financial security. This trend may impact the housing market but supports the next generation’s quest for homeownership. Find out why in this article.

Empowering Choices: When Should Seniors Sell Their Home

Discover the empowering choices that seniors have when deciding to sell their home. From financial considerations to lifestyle factors, health considerations, emotional aspects, and market conditions, this comprehensive guide provides insights and resources for seniors navigating this significant milestone in their lives.

St. Petersburg, FL Seniors Real Estate Specialist® : What is a SRES®?

Kelly Hayden: A Dedicated and Award-Winning Real Estate Agent in St. Petersburg, Florida When it comes to finding the perfect Seniors Real Estate Specialist SRES in St. Petersburg, Florida, one name stands out: Kelly Hayden at Property Track. With a deep passion for serving the local community, Kelly has established herself as a dedicated and…

Home Prices in St Petersburg FL: Are They Rising or Falling? Let’s Analyze the Data…

When it comes to staying informed about home prices in St Petersburg FL and the surrounding areas, navigating the complexities of media coverage can be perplexing. The use of different data and attention-grabbing headlines can make it challenging to grasp the true picture. However, by understanding the nuances of comparing home prices through year-over-year (Y-O-Y)…

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