If you have an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, text 727-641-1162


All rents to be made payable and mailed to:

150 2nd Ave N #100
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Office Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30 Sat 10-3 Sun – closed

Rent may be paid through your tenant portal (the preferred method), by personal check, money order, cashier’s check or bank check through bill pay. If paying by check, please put the property address in memo line. A late charge of $50 will be applied and payable for rents received after the 5th of each month.

This addendum is hereby made a part of and incorporated as part of a certain “Residential Lease Agreement” for RE/MAX Property Management Rental Properties.

These policies and regulations are established for the purpose of maintaining a harmonious, safe and peaceful living environment for the benefit of all Tenants/Neighbors. Please keep these policies and regulations in a readily accessible location for easy reference.


VISITORS AND GUESTS – Tenants are responsible for the proper conduct of family members, visitors and guests and for ensuring that they understand and observe the policies and regulations of the Landlord.

NOISE – To prevent noise complaints, please exercise reasonable consideration for your neighbors.

No Tenant should play, or allow to be played, any television, musical instrument or other electronic equipment at a sound level that may disturb and/or annoy other Tenants/Neighbors.

No Tenant should make or permit any disturbing loud noises to be made at the property or adjacent grounds. Voices and noises should not be of such volume as to disturb other Tenants/Neighbors.

No Tenant should have a “Party” where the Tenant and his/her guests are creating a noise level that may disturb and/or annoy other Tenants/Neighbors.

Please avoid heavy foot walking and running to not disturb any Tenants living below.

Particular care for all levels of noise and sound must be exercised between the hours of 10:00pm and 9:00am every day of the week.

Tenants shall not annoy, harass, endanger or inconvenience any other Tenant/Neighbor.


Tenants should not store anything in the property or storage unit that can create a fire hazard or explosion (gasoline, paint cans, etc.)
Please report to the Property Manager any defective or unlit outdoor lights (applies to condo complexes only)
Tenants shall not climb upon or have other climb upon the roof of the building.


(Condo/HOA Association properties only) –

Moving of furniture to and from your residence must be scheduled according to the rules, if any, of the Condo/HOA Association. Once scheduled with the Association, allow for any accommodations regarding parking, elevator pads, etc. Make sure to arrange with your moving company to dispose of all crates, barrels, or packing boxes using in moving. The Tenants will not dispose of large furniture or packing materials in the building dumpsters or on the building grounds. If this occurs, the Tenants agree to be responsible for any financial charges incurred for the removal of these items.

PACKAGES AND MAIL – Please make sure you put in change of address at move-in and move-out with the US Postal Service. Property Manager is not responsible for the delivery, damage or loss of packages, mail or other material left at the property.

ALTERATIONS- Remember prior written permission of the Management is required for any alterations, papering, additions, painting, staining and stick-on-type shelf lining. Adhesive picture hangers of any type are prohibited. Picture hangers employing a thin nail are recommended and permitted.

PLANTS – Potted plant must not be placed directly on rugs or wood decks. There must be two (2) inches of air space between the rug, deck or railing and the plant. This is mandatory!!!

LOCKS – Lock replacement or installation is to be done by Management only! Management must have a key to the property at all times for emergency purposes.

RENTERS INSURANCE- Management hereby notifies Tenants that all Tenant valuable should be protected against all losses by an Renters’ Insurance Policy. Management assumes no liability for any losses to Tenant’s personal property, including fire, theft, water damage and earthquake.

INDEMNIFICATION – Tenants shall indemnify and hold Management, Owners and Management Agents harmless from all claims of loss or damage to property and injury to or death of persons caused by the intentional acts or negligence of Tenants, their guest or invitee, occurring on or about the property, including adjacent grounds (sidewalks, streets, etc.)

TERMINATION OF TENANCY – Upon Tenant’s decision to terminate the lease, a 60 day written notice is required. Management reserves the right to hold the tenant responsible to the terms of the lease.

Your Tenancy hereby granted may be terminated if the Management gives the Tenant a 3-Day Notice To Correct Breach Of The “Agreement to Rent or Lease” or Quit (Curable Breach).” If the Tenant does not comply with this notice, then an eviction action will be commenced. This notice will be served on violation of any of the articles included in this agreement, in the “Agreement to Rent or Lease” and any articles of any attached addendum.

RETURNED CHECKS – If a Tenant has a “returned check” incident, Management reserves the right to request future rent payments in a money order or cashier's check form. No cash will ever be accepted. Tenant will be responsible for any bank charges incurred by Management due to a returned check for any reason.

BUILDING GROUNDS LITTER – The property and its premises is your home and the home for your neighbors. Please be considerate and respectful to yourself and your neighbors by not littering on the building grounds. This includes beer and soda cans, cigarette butts, gum wrappers, junk mail, papers, etc. Also, encourage your guests, visitors and children to please have the same respect.

DECK, BALCONY AND PATIO APPEARANCE – Tenants should maintain the good appearance of the property, therefore:

The installation of aerials or antennas of any kind is not permitted on the property.

Tenants are responsible to keep decks and patios neat.

Tenants should not use a drying rack or hang towels, rugs, clothes, etc. on decks, railings or patios.

Large personal items such as house furniture, bicycles, boxes, etc. should be stored in Tenant’s property or storage unit or areas specified by Management. Tenants agree to remove such items at Tenant’s expense within 5 days following written request from Management.

Tenants should not sweep or throw, or permit anyone to sweep or throw from property, decks or balconies any dirt, cigarettes, paper or other miscellaneous objects.

STORAGE (Condos only) – Common areas of the building such as stairs, stairwells, halls, lobbies, etc, are to be used only for the purpose intended. No bicycles, toys, barbeques, boots or other articles belonging to Tenants should be kept in such areas.

TOILET – Do not flush sanitary napkins, diapers, or other restrictive materials down the toilet. Stoppages due to the Tenant’s neglect could result in the Tenants being financially responsible for plumbing repairs bills.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL UNIT – Use the garbage disposal for wet garbage only and do not overload the unit. Keep the cold water running at all times during the operation of the disposal. Let the water run long enough to grind all the material in the disposal. Then left the water water for 10-15 seconds after turning off the disposal. Learn to recognize the sound the machine makes when completely free or garbage. Corncobs, large bones, fibrous foodstuffs (pineapple tops, artichokes, celery, banana peels, etc.) should not be put into the disposal. These type of items should be wrapped up and put with the dry garbage. Stoppages due to Tenant neglect could result in the Tenants being financially responsible for repair bills.

USE OF THE POOL – The pool is to be used only between the hours posted. The pool and pool area is reserved exclusively for the use of Tenants of the property or their guests. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Pool rules are typically posted at or around the pool area, please always adhere to the rules.

MAINTENANCE REQUESTS – You can put in maintenance requests through your tenant portal. At move-in you were given a sheet explaining how the process works. Please be specific about the problem and the vendor will contact you to schedule the repair.
Please report UNSAFE OR HAZARDOUS situations IMMEDIATELY by texting 727-641-1162.

POWER/HOT WATER OUTAGES – If the power goes out in the property, first check to see if the whole area is without power. If it is out in the area, chances are that the utility company already knows about it. You can try calling them as well to report the issue. Next, check the circuit breaker box. One or more circuits could be tripped to the off position. If flipping each switch does not resolve the problem, please put in work order through the tenant portal.

DRAINS – Please avoid letting food, hair and excess soap get down drains. Clogged drains caused by hair grease and soap are the tenant’s responsibility. Some dishwashers will clog from food left on the dishes when put in the machine. An excellent drain cleaning/clearing solution recipe is:
1 cup salt
1 cup baking soda
1 cup vinegar
Following by 8 cups of water down the drain
We recommend performing this treatment monthly to avoid build-up. Hardware stores carry “hair catchers” to place in sink and tub drains that significantly help keep drains free of hair.

REFRIGERATOR COILS/DRIP PANS – Keep coils on refrigerators free of dust. Coils need free air flowing around them to operate efficiently. Failure to keep coils clean may cause the appliance motor to burn out. The replacement of a burned out motor due to dirty coils may be the tenant’s responsibility. Some refrigerators have drip pans under them. If not kept clean, the pans can start to develop a strong odor. Please take the time to get acquainted with the appliances in your unit.

PLUMBING FIXTURES – Never use abrasives on brass or gold fixtures. It is best to use products made specifically for brass or gold fixtures. Many homes have low-flow toilets. We strongly recommend that you keep a plunger nearby. They tend to clog or back up if too much paper, etc. is flushed. Tenants must be prepared to plunge the toilet to clear clogs and avoid damage from over-flows.

WATER DAMAGE – Tenants must take care to avoid water damage caused by allowing water to sit on counters and floors. Care must be taken to ensure that shower curtains are inside the tub, and that shower doors are completely closed when taking a shower. Water of tile floors can seep through the grout and cause dry rot on the floorboards below. Water can also seep around the edges of linoleum and damage the flooring below. We recommend putting a mat, towel, or rug on the floor to step on when exiting the tub or shower. Water can easily be splashed into the space behind the faucet in the kitchen or bath and damage the counter surface. Please be sure to keep these areas dry to prevent damage.

SLIDING GLASS DOORS< SCREEN DOORS AND SHOWER TRACKS – It is imperative that dirt and debris regularly be cleaned out of sliding door tracks. Rolling over dirt, leaves and pine needles that frequently accumulate in the tracks can damage the wheels on sliding doors, especially the heavy glass sliders. Please make it part of your cleaning routine to clear the tracks. Please do not use oil or WD40 to lubricate slider doors or screens. They only attract dirt and gum up the wheel mechanisms. In order to retard the growth of mold in the tracks and at the bottom of shower doors, keep the tracks clean. Use an old toothbrush and do a regular monthly cleaning, it’s much easier than doing one major cleaning at move-out time!

MILDEW – Bleach is the best product for removing mold that forms around the edges of showers, tubs, on tile walls, around metal windows, and anywhere there is moisture. The easiest way to remove mold is to cup paper towels in half and fold them into one-inch strips. Dip each strip into the bleach bottle and hold your finger against it as your draw it out. Lay the bleach-soaked strips directly on the mold and leave them there for several hours. It works like magic. Remember to use rubber gloves, and air out affected rooms.

HOUSE PLANTS – Be sure drip pans are kept under all plants. Water run-off will stain or damage most surfaces.

KITCHEN COUNTERS – To avoid costly damage from nicks and cuts in counter tops, please use a cutting board at all times. Tenants will be responsible for any damages to kitchen counters during move out.

CERAMIC TILE – MOLDED TUB AND SHOWER WALLS- To clean ceramic tiles and molded fixtures, follow these instructions:
Dilute 1 part white vinegar in 5 parts water
Never use scrubbing cleansers like Comet and AJAX on molded fixtures, as these products will permanently scratch the surfaces
Use a soft sponge and apple the solution to the molded areas

MINI BLINDS – When cleaning mini blinds, don’t soak them – the finish may bubble and peel. Spray them with a mild soap and water solution and wipe them. You can buy a spray cleaner which is inexpensive and easy to use, making cleaning a breeze. Weekly dusting or wiping can save a lot of work later.

SMOKE DETECTORS – Tenants are responsible for keeping fresh batteries in smoke detectors. We recommend changing batteries twice a year – every 6 months. If you could mark your calendar, Easter and Halloween is a good time to change changes.

MARBLE AND GRANITE – Marble is a porous material. Be careful that water is not left standing on the surface since it will permanently stain the marble. Never use any acidic or abrasive cleaning products including vinegar. It is best to use warm water and a sponge with a small amount of dishwashing liquid such as Dawn or Joy.

A/C – Tenant is responsible to change the AC filter monthly. Changing the A/C filter monthly helps with cooling costs and keeps the system running efficiently. Tenant will be responsible for any A/C maintenance issues that arise from not changing the filters as required in your lease.

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