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Why Invest in Real Estate?

The decision to purchase real estate purely for investment purposes requires a number of considerations. We consider it our job to make sure our clients are fully informed before making the buying decision.

Real estate can enhance the risk and return profile of your portfolio, offering competitive returns.

Even taking into consideration the mortgage crisis several years ago, real estate investors returned an average of 8.4% over the 10-year period from 2000 to 2010, based on data from the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF). And usually the real estate market is one of low volatility especially compared to stocks and bonds

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Diversification and Protection

Another benefit is its diversification potential. Real estate has a low, and in some cases, negative, correlation with other major asset classes – meaning, when stocks are down, real estate is often up. In fact, In 14 of the 15 previous good stock market periods, going back to 1956, residential real estate prices rose, according to data from Yale University’s Robert Shiller, the co-creator of the Case-Shiller Home-Price Index. Of course, there are exceptions as there are in any investment class.

But we believe the addition of real estate to a portfolio can lower its volatility and provide a higher return per unit of risk for the right investor. The more direct the real estate investment, the better the hedge. Meaning owning the property directly as opposed to REITs or other real estate securities can lower the risk more substantially.

And you can’t ignore that it is backed by actual brick and mortar, so real estate offers even more stable risk/reward scenario.

Put Your Investment to Work for You

Our business is to provide our clients with management solutions that help their properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance investment value.

That’s why property owners throughout Tampa Bay depend on us to help achieve their goals of property performance and profitability. Whether your investments are single family homes, duplexes, condos, townhomes, or apartment units, Property Track ensures that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants.

“I would highly recommend Property Track!”

Elena Minton

“The Property Track team has made real estate ownership hassle free. They are responsive, resourceful and forward.”

Daniel Maciel

“Property Track has made our first rental experience so easy!”

Jeanette Perkins

"If you are looking for a realtor that listens to what you’re looking for and then finds it quickly, look no further than Property Track and Kelly Hayden!” 

Tamara Bethel

Kelly has been an amazing sellers agent for us. She helped us navigate asking all the right questions before purchasing our first rental property. Her knowledge was impressive, she was always available, really worked on our behalf and even had a contact list of trustworthyreasonable subcontractors and an inspector. I hope we can work with Kelly again, I would gladly recommend her whether buying or selling!

Sean & Tracie Donahue

I am very happy to share my experience of working with Kelly Hayden.  Her follow up and pointing out important details that I missed were second to none!  She also negotiated a great deal for me and guided me through the whole process. She was always available to answer my questions and provided me with valuable advice and resources. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a real estate buyer agent. She is the best in the business!

Jason O’Brien

Working with Kelly was a pleasure. She not only listened to my needs and concerns, but in addition went over and beyond to ensure I was satisfied. Great communication and a pleasure to work with.

Tashira Singleton



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