7 Pennsylvania Cities Named as Best Places to Retire

best places to retire

Cities in Pennsylvania grabbed seven of the top 10 spots in U.S. News and World Report’s 2024 Best Places to Retire ranking. What may be surprising you is that there is no Florida or Arizona city that makes it into the list’s top five places to retire.

The criteria U.S. News and World Report used in making its choices were affordability (including housing, utilities, and goods), happiness (including crime, well-being, and air quality), healthcare quality, retiree taxes, desirability, and the job market.

Its top pick, Harrisburg, PA, was lauded for its lower cost of living and more affordable housing than other East Coast metro areas. In addition, it delivers an array of aging-friendly features like accessible biking and hiking. Plus, it’s within easy reach of getaways like Amish Country and Gettysburg National Military Park and road-tripping opportunities to big cities: New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

Top 10 Retirement Cities

  1. Harrisburg, PA
  2. Reading, PA
  3. Lancaster, PA
  4. Scranton, PA
  5. Allentown, PA
  6. New York City, NY
  7. York, PA
  8. Daytona Beach, FL
  9. Youngstown, OH
  10. Pittsburgh, PA

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