Residential Property Management Help

Residential Property Management Help

I can get you the help you need investing in properties. Residential property management is one of the many hats I wear in real estate. If you’d like to know how you can purchase, improve, and then resell a property as an investor in real estate, you can learn more here.

Are you trying to invest in a property? If you wish to buy one that you can work on and then sell, I’m the one who can help. I’m on the higher end of the market in St. Petersburg, meaning I work with properties valued at or above $800,000. It’s important to me that my clients know this because I want people that are willing to work with me when there are prices like this. I’ve become very familiar with this area and know where you can find any kind of property for your needs.

Renovating properties is another part of my residential property management service. You’re going to see that you can take something like a home, and then transform it so that it sells for far more than you put into it.

You don’t just have to buy bad homes and make a tiny bit of money at a time, either. You can find those that need just a little care or a few extras and make thousands at a time. I’m well aware of trends in certain areas and can make your home attractive to people that would be interested.

Selling a home once you’ve fixed it up is easy. Since you’re going to know that the work to renovate it was done by professionals, you can count on the selling to be the same way.

You can be as hands off as you want, because if you just want it done we can have it done and let you know as soon as it is. If there are any stipulations you have, then let us know. For instance, if you don’t want to budge on a certain price, we won’t sell to bidders that go under it.

Dealing with pest, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC issues will be done by my team as well if we need to help with it. Our goal is to help you get properties and then turn them around quickly after their issues are worked out.

If you’re needing anything done, then don’t be afraid to see if I’m able to make it happen for you. Without having all of the connections my office does, it could take you a while to coordinate everything. Don’t put up with that hassle because I have the ability to make you able to be out of town during everything if you wanted!

Do you have anything to ask at any time? You can contact me or my office and you will have an answer quickly. Let us know if you need anything, or if you just want to keep up with certain events related to the home.

If you want to set up a call from us to you after a certain task is done, then let someone know. My goal is to make sure that this goes smoothly for you. It’s important that I make you happy every time so there’s a chance you’ll work with me again when you decide to make more money off of properties!

Now you know what I can do for you with my residential property management services. It’s up to you to contact me now and get started. You’ll be working with someone that is highly skilled and able to get most people what they want quickly!

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Residential Property Management

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